For Wingert, his profession has become so much more

For Wingert, his profession has become so much more

By Dana Becker

If you have ever met Jared Wingert, you know the kind of joy and excitement he gets in helping put on a show.

Wingert, the owner of Mojo Productions, found his early calling while attending Iowa Central Community College.

"It prepared me quite a bit because I realized my passion for music and entertainment could be my full-time living," he said. 

He joined the school in the fall of 1993 for three specific reasons.

"I got a music scholarship and a Pell grant," Wingert said. "Also, my girlfriend said she didn't date guys who weren't in college."

Six years later, Wingert began Mojo after working as a part-time night club DJ. That has grown into a career that has left him feeling as if "I have never truly had to 'work' a day in many years."

"At the time (Mojo started), there were a lot of Iowa Central students on that dance floor," Wingert said. "My choice to follow my dreams and own my own business doing something I love means I have never truly had to work a day in many years because I love what I do. 

"I can also take care of my older relatives and not have a set schedule."

When he isn't behind the music table, Wingert enjoys giving back to the community and filling his obsession with classic cars and car shows.

"I will always remember the diversity of the students and the amazing staff at Iowa Central," he said. "I had a lot of fun performing in that auditorium."