Athletic Training Instructions for ATS

New Athletes

  1. Go to (Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome)
      a. For Athlete ID you will use: new
      b. The password will be: new
  2. General
      a. Select a Team
      b. Name
      c. DOB
      d. Cell Phone Number
      e. Email
      f. SSN # (with no dashes, if you have one)
      g. Primary Address (School Address)
      h. Additional Address (Home Address)
      i. Athlete ID (If you don’t have your ID number you can find out what it is by going to TritonPass and looking at your course schedule.)
      j. Password
      k. Year
      l. Medical Alerts
      m. Allergies
      n. Current Medications
      o. SAVE Athlete Information
  3. Medical History
      a. Click new to add any surgeries
      b. If you answer a question with yes please explain in the box (#10 Mark NO)
      c. SAVE Athlete Information
  4. Insurance
      a. To start click on the ADD button
      b. Fill out as much information as possible (If your insurance company isn’t in the drop down box follow instructions at the bottom of the page to add a new insurance company)
      c. Once finished click SAVE
  5. Emergency Contacts
      a. To start click on the ADD button
      b. Fill out as much information as possible
      c. Once finished click SAVE
  6. Athlete Forms
      a. Form Name
    • i. Pre-Participation (Click New to move on)
        1. Fill out all the questions
          a. If you click yes and there is a box please give a little explanation.
        2. SAVE

Returning Athletes

  1. Go to
      a. Update all information
    • i. Cell Number
    • ii. Address
    • iii. Medical History
    • iv. Insurance
    • v. Emergency Contacts

    b. SAVE every section


Questions/More Information

If you have any questions about the form please contact Athletic Trainer, Guy Horn at or by phone at 800-362-2793 ext. 1349/(515) 574-1349.

If you have any general questions please contact our Athletic Director, Rick Sandquist at or by phone at 800-362-2793 ext. 1357/(515) 574-1357.

If you would like to become a Triton, visit the respective athletic site that you are interested in and fill out a recruitment form or contact the head coach.