Iowa Central Tennis Defeats Grand View

Iowa Central Tennis Defeats Grand View

The Iowa Central Men's and Women's tennis teams defeated Grand View University. The Triton men won 6-3 and the women won 4-2.

Men's Results

  1. Andree Stevensson (GV) defeated Manuel Roman (IC) 7-6, 6-1
  2. Yasha Litvak (GV) defeated Chase Roseth (IC) 6-0,6-4
  3. Colten Way (IC) defeated Zach Martin (GV) 6-1, 6-4
  4. Antony Lekoko (IC) defeated Ryan Kucera (GV) 6-2, 6-3
  5. Nicholas Fifield (IC) defeated Ben Zoller (GV) 6-2, 6-0
  6. Steven Mears (IC) defeated Derek Fenton (GV) 6-2, 4-6, 10-1


  1. Roman/Roseth (IC) defeated Litvak/Martin (GV) 8-4
  2. Stevensson/Kucera (GV) defeated Lekoko/Fifield (IC) 8-3
  3. Way/Zane Baker (IC) defeated Zoller/Fenton (GV) 8-4

The Triton Men improve to 1-2 on the season and play Friday at Morningside and Saturday at St. Ambrose.

"Really proud of the way our men played today. Grand View beat us last year so this was a match our guys, especially our sophomores, had marked on their calendar. Winning two out of the three doubles matches to start the dual was big for us tonight and gave us good momentum going into the singles. With Cliff (Dwyer) out (#2 singles and #2 doubles with a sprained ankle), everyone had to step up. It was tough sledding at the top of the line-up tonight, despite great effort by both Manuel and Chase; but our 3-6 singles came through with nice wins. We can enjoy this win for a couple hours but will need to refocus quickly for our 2:30 match tomorrow at Morningside." – Todd Redenius, Head Coach

Women's Results

  1. Dayana Ortega (IC) defeated Elisha Nathwari (GV) 6-2,6-2
  2. Katheryne Campos (IC) defeated Dina Kajtazovic (GV) 6-2,6-2
  3. Lily Timmerman (IC) defeated Alli Thompson (GV) 6-3,6-4
  4. Tina Kajtazovic (GV) defeated Aimee Kell (IC) 6-0,6-1


  1. Ortega/Campos (IC) defeated Nathwari/D.Kajtazovic (GV) 8-2
  2. Thomspon/T.Kajtazovic (GV) defeated Timmerman/Kell (IC) 8-1

"Our women played solid singles tonight; very pleased with the patience and shot selection that Lily (Timmerman) showed on the court. That was a tough battle as both her and Alli play a similar style with good consistent groundstrokes. Lily was down at various points in both sets but rallied back for a good win. Dayana (Ortega) and Katheryne (Campos) were steady and aggressive in their play throughout the night – both in singles and doubles." – Todd Redenius, Head Coach

Next Up:

The Triton men play at Morningside (2:30 p.m.) Friday and at St. Ambrose (12:30 p.m.) Saturday. The women play at St. Ambrose (12:30 p.m.) Saturday. Both Triton teams return home to Dodger Courts next Thursday September 14 vs. Buena Vista.