Tritons Win 14th Straight Regional Championship

Tritons Win 14th Straight Regional Championship

Another Regional XI Track and Field Championship and another sweep by the Tritons, as the Men and Women both won the Regional Championship for the 14th time in a row this weekend at BVU in Storm Lake.  Highlights for the Tritons included Freshman Courtney Lindsey's winning races in the 60 meter dash and 200 meter dash.  Lindsey's 60 meter time of 6.65 was a new Iowa Central school record and was also a Region XI Indoor Meet record.  His 200 meter time of 21.35 was also a Region XI Indoor Meet record. 


 All-Region Performers for the Tritons:

1st Place=1st team; 2nd Place=2nd team; 3rd Place=3rd team

2nd Place-        Tamara Roby- 200 Meter Dash- 26.09

3rd Place-         Marjanae Coley- 200 Meter Dash- 26.43

2nd Place-        Marjanae Coley- 400 Meter Dash- 58.42

1st Place-         India McNeill- 600 Meter Run- 1:37.63

1st Place-         Florance Uwajeneza- 800 Meter Run- 2:23.73

1st Place-         Winrose Chesang- 1 Mile Run- 5:19.67

1st Place-         Florance Uwajeneza- 5000 Meter Run- 21:05.84

2nd Place-        Winrose Chesang- 5000 Meter Run- 21:11.91

3rd Place-         Lilian Busienei- 5000 Meter Run- 21:24.41

2nd Place-        4 x 800 Meter Relay (Ford, Chesang, Gaherty, McNeill)- 10:46.58

3rd Place-         Distance Medley Relay (Gaherty, Coley, McNeill, Nyamboneka)- 14:50.86

2nd Place-        Dijana Hammond- High Jump- 1.50m/4-11 ft

3rd Place-         Paige Tucker- High Jump- 1.48m/4-9 ft

2nd Place-        Paige Tucker- Triple Jump- 10.03m/32-11 ft

3rd Place-         Dijana Hammond- Triple Jump- 9.92m/32-06.5 ft

1st Place-         Lea Grady- Shot Put- 14.46m/47-05.25 ft

2nd Place-        Maddie Schmoker- Shot Put- 12.98m/42-07 ft

3rd Place-         Tricee Beelen- Shot Put- 12.25m/40-02.25 ft

1st Place-         Maddie Schmoker- Weight Throw- 17.00m/55-09.25 ft

2nd Place-        Tricee Beelen- Weight Throw- 16.26m/53-04.25 ft


1st Place-         Courtney Lindsey- 60 Meter Dash- 6.65

2nd Place-        Kris Brown- 60 Meter Dash- 6.88

3rd Place-         Demetrius Lassiter- 60 Meter Dash- 6.99

1st Place-         Courtney Lindsey- 200 Meter Dash- 21.35

2nd Place-        David Dunlap- 200 Meter Dash- 22.05

3rd Place-         Denzelle Anglin- 600 Meter Run- 1:24.73

1st Place-         Awet Yohannes- 800 Meter Run- 1:56.92

2nd Place-        Thomas Bryant- 800 Meter Run- 1:59.38

3rd Place-         Mel Obadiah- 1000 Meter Run- 2:38.61

1st Place-         Milos Pendic- 1 Mile Run- 4:20.59

2nd Place-        Innocent Murwanashyaka- 1 Mile Run- 4:27.65

3rd Place-         Miguel Coca- 1 Mile Run- 4:28.31 (New National Qualifier)

2nd Place-        Noah Bundrock- 3000 Meter Run- 9:09.38

3rd Place-         Abdul Mohamed- 3000 Meter Run- 9:13.59

2nd Place-        Innocent Murwanashyaka- 5000 Meter Run- 15:25.83

3rd Place-         Noah Bundrock- 5000 Meter Run- 15:38.96 (New National Qualfier)

1st Place-         Zavante Chichester- 60 Meter Hurdles- 8.15

2nd Place-        Tyreck Newman- 60 Meter Hurdles- 8.23

3rd Place-         4 x 400 Meter Relay (Anglin, Bryant, Dunlap, Truitt)- 3:25.87

1st Place-         4 x 800 Meter Relay (Anglin, Atubel, Bryant, Coca)- 8:00.87

2nd Place-        Distance Medley Relay (Atubel, Obadiah, Murwanashyaka, Ramsdell)- 10:38.10

2nd Place-        Jadon Watson- High Jump- 2.03m/6-08 ft

3rd Place-         Levi Bulfer- Pole Vault- 3.65m/11-11.75 ft

2nd Place-        Caleb Kath- Long Jump- 7.00m/22-11.75 ft (New National Qualifier)

3rd Place-         Cameron Mustafa- Long Jump- 6.71m/22-00.25 ft

1st Place-         Olivier Soglohun- Triple Jump- 15.03m/49-03.75 ft

2nd Place-        Za'Quan Singleton- Triple Jump- 13.62m/44-08.25 ft

3rd Place-         Angelo Borrego- Triple Jump- 13.44m/44-01.25 ft

1st Place-         Caden Fenchel- Shot Put- 15.96m/52-04.50 ft

1st Place-         Tyler Lienau- Weight Throw- 19.11/62-08.5 ft

2nd Place-        Kendric Johnson- Weight Throw- 16.88m/55-04.75

3rd Place-         Caden Fenchel- Weight Throw- 16.39m/53-09.25

3rd Place-         Corneille Logo- Heptathlon- 3248 points


Full Results:


The Tritons now look ahead to the National Indoor Track and Field Championships on March 1-2nd in Pittsburg, Kansas at Pitt State University.