Postseason honors for Tritons

Postseason honors for Tritons

It was another banner year for the Iowa Central cross country program.

The men's team completed the fall-double, sweeping the cross country and half marathon national titles. The team continues to earn more and more honors as well for their efforts. 

Elenora Curtabbi, Kelvin Bungei, Rosalie Fish and Pur Biel were named NJCAA Half Marathon All-Americans with Lilia Alvarez, Kirstyn Beaman of Humboldt, Hunter Klimek, Noah Friske and Mohamed Mohamud earning NJCAA Coaches Hall Marathon All American status.

Bungei, Biel and Klimek all earned NJCAA All-American status for cross country, including Bungei first-team. 

Friske and Demetrius Kaquatosh were named NJCAA Cross Country Coaches Association D1 All-Americans. 

Bungei also picked up the U.S. Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association 2020 NJCAA D1 Men's Cross Country National Athlete of the Year.