The Tritons take 2nd in forms and sparring competition in conference championships.

The Tritons take 2nd in forms and sparring competition in conference championships.

The University of Wisconsin hosted the Midwest Collegiate Taekwondo Conference Championships in Madison, WI, on Nov 10, 2018. The conference had 7 Division I universities and ICCC. The Tritons had 8 competitors and was the only team that wasn't a Division I university, including University of Wisconsin, University of Colorado, Iowa State University, University of Iowa, Kansas State University, and Kansas University. 

The  Tritons tied with Iowa State University for second place overall in poomsae (forms) competition.

- 1st Place Gold medal: Brittany Bendickson (black belt)
- 2nd Place Silver Medal: Brooke Waterbury (blue), Max Patkins (green), Edwardo Gutierrez (yellow)
- 3rd Place Bronze Medal: Laurent Hill (red),
Hannah Vaughn (green), Faith Gosse (yellow)  


For sparring:

Brooke Waterbury (blue) had 3 wins and 2 losses
Hannah Vaughn (green) 0-4
Brittany Bendickson (black) 1-1
Faith Gosse (yellow) 2-1
Brandon Splawski (black) 3-1
Max Patkins (green) 1-1
Edward Gutierrez (yellow) 3-1
Laurent Hill (red) 1-0


Coach Justin Faiferlick said the quality of athletes at ICCC is tremendous. When we can compete at a Division I level with the results is incredible. We brought 8 student athletes competing against Div I schools with two to three times the number of competitors and we placed second in both forms and sparring.  

 Poomsae Competition:

1st Place: University of Wisconsin - Madison

2nd Place: (tie) Iowa Central Community College & Iowa State University

Sparring Competition:

1st Place: University of Colorado - Boulder

2nd Place: Iowa Central Community College

3rd Place: University of Wisconsin - Madison


Iowa Central Competitors:

·         Black Belts

o   Brandon Splawski, 3-1 sparring

o   Brittany Bendickson,  1st forms, 1-1 sparring

·         Red Belts:

o   Laurent Hill, 3rd forms, 1-0 sparring

·         Blue Belts:

             o   Brooke Waterbury, 2nd forms, 3-2 sparring

·         Green Belts:  

o   Max Patkins, 2nd forms, 1-1 sparring  

o   Hannah Vaugh, 3rd forms, 0-4 sparring

·         Yellow Belts:

o   Edwardo Gutierrez, 2nd forms, 3-1 sparring  

o   Faith Gosse, 3rd forms, 2-1 sparring




The Tritons are coached by Master Justin Faiferlick and Rob Hepperle. 

For any questions, contact Master Justin Faiferlick

567 South 25 Street, Fort Dodge, IA 50501