Tritons host Iowa Central Taekwondo Championships

Triton taekwondo championship

Three local Fort Dodge teams competed in the tournament at Iowa Central Community College in Hodges Fieldhouse. The Tritons had 7 competitors win 6 medals and crowned two champions. The  Tritons along with Faiferlick Martial Arts won  the first place overall points champion with 29 points.  There were 14 schools represented. The Tritons next action is their conference tournament at the University of Kansas who is hosting the Midwest Collegiate Conference Championships on November 01 and 02, 2019.

The Tritons recognized  three Iowa Central Community College Taekwondo athletes with the NCTA All American awards from April 2019. Male red belt heavyweight Laurent Hill (sophomore) brought home a silver medal. Laurent won 2018 blue belt division national champioinship for the Tritons and was a captain in 2019. Brooke Waterbury (sophomore) took 2nd place in women's blue belt, and Keilund Steinborn (sophomore) took third place in the men's blue belt. Both Brooke and Keilund were recognized in April 2019 as an All Americans. 

Coach Faiferlick: "Our Iowa Central athletes impressed me today with their level of competitive spirit. I haven't see the entire team compete as a whole like our team did today. They were extremely high level matches filled with action and working on the techniques and goals we have been working on so far. I am really looking forward to our conference tournament in November. We received great help from ISU with referees and taking care of getting the mats for us to use."

Team Points:

1st Place: Iowa Central – Faiferlick Martial Arts

2nd Place: Bloom's Martial Arts


Sportsmanship: University of Wisconsin - Madison



1st Place: APR - Ames Park and Rec Taekwondo

2nd Place: Main's Peak Performance 


Iowa Central Competitors:


  • Black Belts
    • o   Kaiah Willard, 3rd forms, 2nd sparring
  • ·         Red Belts:
    • o   Laurent Hill, 1st forms, 1st sparring
  • ·        Yellow Belts:
    • o   Cameron Zolnosky, Yellow Belt, 3rd sparring
  • ·         White Belts:
    • o   Eric Sabus, 3rd forms




Faiferlick Martial Arts (Fort Dodge) Competitors:

·         Black Belts

o   Alex Tiernan, 3rd sparring

- Austin Sassman, 3rd forms, 1st sparring

- Julio Vaughn, 2nd forms

·         Red Belts:

o   Kate Dawson, 1st forms, 3rd sparring

·         Brown Belt

·         Jordan Pederson, 2nd sparring


·                     Green/Purple Belts:

·         Brady Temple, 3rd forms, 3rd sparring


·          Yellow Belts:

o   Thomas Simpson, 2nd forms, 3rd sparring


Bloom's Martial Arts (Fort Dodge) Competitors:

·         Black Belts

·         Breanna Bethke, 1st forms

·         Logan Moenck, 1st forms, 1st sparring

-        Izzabella Prather, 3rd forms, 3rd sparring

-        Paige Lehmkuhl, 2nd forms, 3rd sparring



  • Red/Brown Belts:
    • Joshua Jass, 2nd forms, 1st sparring


·          Blue Belts:

·          Jenna Moenck, 1st forms, 1st sparring