Triton Women's Basketball Recruit Me

If you want to continue to play basketball after your High School career ends, take a look at what Iowa Central has to offer:

  • Experienced and dedicated  coaching staff
  • A winning program which has produced a long list of players who went on to Division I, II, III and NAIA programs
  • Low student-to-teacher classroom ratios
  • Low cost for quality education
  • Broad variety of study, including  career option programs and  transfer programs
  • Excellent student atmosphere for both study and relaxation
  • Modern apartment facilities on campus, close walking distance to gym and classrooms
  • Academic support services provided by the  Student Success Center
  • Variety of athletic and academic scholarships
  • Great strength and conditioning facilities on campus in the new Iowa Central Rec Center

I love my job! I will do everything I can to help you succeed on the basketball floor, in the classroom, and in your future career.


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