Triton Athletics Missions Statement

Iowa Central Community College has affirmed that athletics is integral to the fulfillment of its overall mission.  Our athletic department helps fulfill the mission of developing whole persons and preparing them for the future by developing strength of body, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, character, integrity, leadership, and a sense of fair play. 

All participants in the department shall be expected to exemplify impeccable integrity – be they student-athletes, coaching staff, administrative professionals or support staff.  The department values diversity in its people, whether that diversity is expressed by heritage, race, belief, sexual orientation, or gender, and recognizes the need to work as a team while valuing each individual’s self-worth.

Teaching is our core, positive growth and development of student-athletes is our goal and the highest level of performance both in the classroom, in social settings, and on the field is our target outcome.  The Iowa Central Athletic Department is committed to providing an environment that encourages high levels of athletic performance and enables individuals and teams to challenge for conference, regional and national championships.